Weldmesh Fencing

Weldmesh Fencing dari Werson Wire Mesh Fence,PT

Oleh: Werson Wire Mesh Fence,PT  07/07/2010
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 Weldmesh Fencing is a combination of wires in the horizontal and vertical direction welded at their junctions to provide a rigid barrier. A number of differing designs are manufactured from 5mm or 8mm wire at varying spacings for economy or strength. Styles with minimum horizontal bars widely spaced are used to restrict or deny climbing (as in pool fencing). These often have RHS welded at top and bottom for strength and smooth lines. Styles with the thicker 8mm wire are used for strength and along with those of 5mm wire are often roll formed into triangular shapes at both Top and Bottom to provide the strength required and eliminate sharp edges. Most Weldmesh is supplied in a "Hot Galvanised" finish, due to their exposure to the elements and particularly salt laden atmospheres. However, for a more pleasing effect they can be Powder Coated in a range of popular colours. Weldmesh in heavy gauge wire, at spacings of 25mm horizontally, is used in Electical Sub Station Security, due to the inability to use the horizontal members as toe holes. Combined with Barbed and/or Razor wire this presents an extremely secure barrier to entry.

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