Silicone Rubber, silicone elastomer, sealant (RTV 1 part & 2 part), grease, oil & release agent

Kata kunci: Etc, silicone rubber, mold cleaning

We are pleased to introduce our company, PT. Vandashima Indonesia as the supplier of a full range of silicones and related products to the rubber manufacture automotive industries, electrical & electronic, and semiconductor.


We represent reputable manufacturers, such as:

-Momentive Performance Materials (Ex. GE Toshiba Silicones, Japan)

-KCC Corporation, Korea (Korea Chemical Co., Ltd)

-Daikin Industries, Japan

-Taiyo Chemicals, Japan

-Kyocera Chemicals, Japan



Our products include silicone elastomer, sealant (RTV 1 part & 2 part), grease, oil, release agent, mold cleaning, etc. We have a local stock point to supply, total logistic, just in time delivery to reduce the inventory level & shorten lead time.

Kata kunci: Etc, mold cleaning, release agent, sealant (RTV 1 part & 2 part), silicone elastomer, silicone rubber,