Asphalt Mixing Plant INDONESIA 021-54370623

Oleh: TRISARANA ASCRUCON  19/01/2011
Kata kunci: alat berat, Asphalt Mixing Plant

of 021-54370623, Asphalt Mixing Plant – 500, Asphalt Mixing Plant – 800, Asphalt Mixing Plant – 1000, Asphalt Mixing Plant – 1500, Asphalt Mixing Plant – 2000, Asphalt Mixing Plant with capacity of 30-320 MT/hour, high automatic, accurate measuring and high reliability is the very choice in advanced road construction and Maintenance.

It is an innovation product based on oversea introduced and advanced technology. Its key components such as burning device and sensors adopt famous brand component. The control system adopts programmable controller and professional engineering computer of Siemens & Schneider which can control the weight, stirring and handling material automatically, semi-automatically and/or manually. The vane, mixing arm and blade are made of abrasion-resistant cast iron so they are long lasting. The aggregate, mineral filler and asphalt are measured separately to guarantee the batching accuracy and reliability. The hot aggregate, mineral filler are conveyed by bucket double-chain elevator with automatic tension device. The burning system adopts light oil, heavy oil or coal burner. The dust collection system has gravity dust collecting, cyclone dust collecting, water (wet) dust collecting or bag house dust collecting.

Type, productivity
LBJ - 500, 30 - 40T/h
LBJ - 800, 48 - 64T/h
LBJ - 1000, 60 - 80T/h
LBJ - 1500, 90 - 120T/h
LBJ - 2000, 120 - 160T/h
LBJ - 3000, 180 - 240T/h
LBJ  - 4000, 280 - 320T/h

Kata kunci: alat berat, Asphalt Mixing Plant