LE NEZ DU CAFE - 36 coffee aromas - REVELATION

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LE NEZ DU CAFE - 36 coffee aromas - REVELATION

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The REVELATION kit by LE NEZ DU CAFE (The Nose of Coffee) is a collection of the 36 most typical aromas that comprise the essences of coffee. This training kit was created by the same people who gave us LE NEZ DU VIN (The Nose of Wine) for wine connoisseurs - Jean Lenoir, David Guermonprez and Eric Verdier. It provides a "scent alphabet" that will enable you to fully appreciate coffee and describe with ease the most typical aromas in the world’s finest coffees. You will achieve it by smelling each of the essential coffee aromas in the collection carefully, one by one. The more often you use them, the more acute your sense of smell will become and the easier you will assimilate both the scents in coffee (perceived through the nose) and its aromas (sensed on the palate). A coffee connoisseur should be able to identify various coffee aromas. This training kit will enable you to give an informed opinion when you are coffee tasting and to share the sensations with others e.g. during barista training courses. The coffee aroma kit comes with a richly illustrated explanatory booklet which describes the main features of each aroma and explains to which aromatic family they belong, the scent reference used as a basis for the sample and where these aromas occur in coffee from various countries. There is much more in the aroma of coffee than just coffee.

LE NEZ DU CAFEREVELATION KIT is the ideal GIFT for all attached to coffee either in a professional way or as an aficionado. For a top barista, a master roaster or a coffee bean grower this kit it is a MUST.

The LE NEZ DU CAFE - REVELATION KIT with 36 aromas comprises the following aromas:

Earth – Potato – Cucumber – Straw – Cedar – Clove-Like – Pepper – Coriander Seeds – Vanilla – Tea-Rose – Coffee Blossom – Coffee Pulp – Blackcurrant – Lemon – Apricot – Apple Butter – Honeyed – Leather – Toast – Malt – Basmati Rice – Maple Syrup – Caramel – Walnuts – Roasted Almonds – Roasted Peanuts – Roasted Hazelnuts – Cooked Beef – Smoke – Pipe Tobacco – Roasted Coffee – Dark Chocolate – Medicinal – Rubber


Specifications Revelation Kit

  • 36 aromas
  • Glossy wooden case
  • Richly illustrated explanatory booklet
  • Size 240 x 180 x 110 mm
  • Weight 1,95 kg
  • English version!

Roger Pfund



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