TOTAL STATION SOUTH NTS 312B ALAT SURVEY PROMO MURAH.... dari South survey indonesia

Oleh: South survey indonesia  09/05/2012
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Komplit dengan : 1 Set Prism Set NPS 12 Complete With: 1 Pc Prism + Holder 1 Pc Tribrach 1 Pc Carrier 2 Pcs Tripod 1 Set Prism SimpleSet NK 10 1 Pc Prism + Holder 1 Pc Prism Pole CLS 11 2,15 m CABLE DATA SPEKSIFIKASI: Distance Measurement 1 Prism 5.0km 3 Prism 6.0km Mini Prism(025j4mm) 800m Accuracy Reflector 2mm+2ppm Reading Max.99999999.999Mmin: .1 mm Measuring Time Reflector Fine mode:< 1.2s; Tracking mode:<0.5s IR sheet mode:<1.2s Atmospheric Correction: Auto corection with temperature& presure sensor Prism Constant: Manual input, auto corection Dist unit :Meter/U.S feet /lnternational feet / Feet- inchs selectable ANGLE MEASUREMENT Measuring Method: Absolute continuous Raster Disk Diameter: 79mm Minimum Reading : 1' / s' (0.3/L.m5 son) Accuracy : 2' Detection Method: Horizontal: Dual. Vertical : Dual TELESCOPE lmage : Erect Tube Length : 154mm Effective Aperture : 45mm,(EDM: 50mm) Magnification : 30x Field of view : 1" 30', Minimum Focus Distance : 1m Resolving Power : 4" AUTO COMPENSATOR System : Dual axis Liouid-electric Accuracy : 1" VIAL Plate Vial 30" /2mm Circular Vial 10' /2mm OPTICAL PLUMMET Image : Erect Maqnification 3x Focusing Ranqe 0.5m - ... Field of View : 5 ON-BOARD BATTERY Type : Rechargeable Ni -H battery Voltage : DC 6V Continuous operation time: 8 hrs Charging Time : 3 hrs OTHERS Display : LCD,4lines, digital Data Communication : RS-232C, USB, SD Temperature -20C - +50C

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