EPAM 5000 Haz Dust Instrument -Ready Stock

EPAM 5000 Haz Dust Instrument -Ready Stock dari Sentra Tools Multiguna

Oleh: Sentra Tools Multiguna  25/10/2012
Kata kunci: alat ukur, Air Monitoring, Alat Uji Kualitas

0818 083 88 910 The HAZ-DUST EPAM-5000 is a portable microprocessor-based particulate monitor suitable for ambient, environmental, and indoor air quality investigations. Highly sensitive, this monitor uses light scattering to measure particle concentration and provide immediate real-time determinations and data recordings of airborne particle concentration in milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3). Interchangeable size-selective sampling heads allow PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, or TSP monitoring. The EPAM-5000 Advantage One compact instrument provides real-time data and gravimetric samples for analysis Immediate display and datalogging of particulate concentrations Data provides a graphic profile of PM sample Added-value survey sampler for saturation monitoring studies Allows immediate and permanent documentation Reduces the number of manual gravimetric test as well as labor and analysis costs Easy setup and operation — ready in 15 seconds

Kata kunci: Air Monitoring, Alat Uji Kualitas, alat ukur, Analisa Udara