Subwoofer JBL SUB12

Oleh:  14/12/2009
Kata kunci: Elektronik, Karaoke, audio

Designed to meet JBL's stringent audio standards, the Venue Series JBL SUB12 subwoofer uses premium technology to let your home-theater system deliver those pulsing lower frequencies with maximum sound quality. With a frequency response of 25 Hz and a variable low-pass frequency of 50 to 150 Hz all backed up by a powerful amplifier and assisted by a FreeFlow flared port, the JBL SUB12 gives you low notes loud, clear, and distortion-free. The amplifier power is 300 watts, with a peak dynamic power of 500 watts. The 12-inch woofer is constructed from JBL's proven PolyPlas material and housed in a 19.75 x 14.375 x 18 inch case, making it compact enough to position easily in your home theater. The JBL SUB12 comes with LFE- and line-level inputs to give you connection flexibility, and crossover-frequency controls and a phase switch let you adjust the SUB12's output to suit your aud

Kata kunci: audio, Elektronik, Karaoke, Speaker, Subwoofer