Karaoke Player Hyundai SH-300

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Description: SH-300 comprise 30 thousands of song, with addition of 140 new song per month. DVD PLAYER HYUNDAI SH-300 Karaoke Function You can enjoy home karaoke with HDD and designed with high quality Video and Audio. DVD Player Function DVD which stands for Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc is a storage media can be recorder as much as 135 minutes video, maximum 8 languages audio sound track and also record 32 languages subtitles. It has MPEG-2(more than LD level)video quality and Dolby Digital surround. You can enjoy Home Theater environments. Compatible Discs DVD, Video CD, CD, WMA, MP3 can be played in this machine. Dolby Digital (AC-3) A high quality multi-channel digital audio code developed by Dolby Laboratories. Also known as Dolby Digital. AC-3 delivers CD-quality digital audio and provides fiv full-bandwidth channels for front left, front right, center, surround left and surround right speakers, plus an LFE (low frequency effect) subwoofer, for a total of 5.1 channels. 24bit / 96KHz Audio D/A Converter To maximize superior audio quality, convert to analog from digital is necessity process. This unit replay Dynamic Range and Zero Cross Distortion by 24bit/96KHz audio convert technology. 10bit Video D/A Converter The unit adopts 10bit video D/A convert technology to reproduce the highest video quality. It is like the exits 8bit circuit, 10bit circuit convert the standard 8bit component signal to 10bit signal and replays same as the original one. Spesifications System : DVD & Karaoke Player Compatible Discs : DVD, WMA CD, Video CD 1.1, Video CD 2.0 ( PBC Function ), SVD, Audio CD, MP3 CD Input Terminal : MIC 10mV(600 &),2EA Output Terminal : Composite ,S-VHS ,Component Power Supply : Supply Voltage AC 100 – 240, 50/60Hz : Power Supply 30W Size : 415(W) x 120(H) x 275 (D) mm Weight : 4.8Kg(net, include HDD ) Hard Disk : 160GB

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