Specialty Gas

Oleh: PT. Aneka Gas Industri  30/10/2009
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Specialty Gas
 A comprehensive range of high purity gases and gas mixture are provided by PT Aneka Gas Industri for customer specific needs such as ultra high purity gases, and gas mixtures. Our products are used in a variety of scientific and technological applications from pollutant monitoring devices, laboratory to electronics.

1. Pure GasesThe best from raw material to final product Aneka Gas Industri produces pure atmospheric gases and syn gases from its own production plants in Indonesia. To obtain the specified product purity, various filtration and purification methods are used in the process. The Purity of the products is controlled using a range of different analytical instruments. Aneka Gas Industri is able to produce different grade of product purity, from standard purity gases to ultra high purity gases.

2. Special MixtureProvide the best value Special gas mixtures are available in five different standards: Primary, Master, Certified, Batch Analyzed and EPA protocol. Special analytical tolerance and analysis of specific impurities are available upon request. Mixtures are prepared and analyzed with component tolerance as low as ppb (part per billion) levels. Aneka Gas Industri can assist with selecting the proper type of standard and cylinder package to provide the best value to the customers.

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