Avaya TN767E DS1 / ISDN PRI Interface

Avaya TN767E DS1 / ISDN PRI Interface dari Pandita Mulia

Oleh: Pandita Mulia  27/01/2012
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Avaya Definity TN767E DSI/ISDN PRI Interface Circuit Pack Avaya Definity TN767E DSI/ISDN PRI Interface Circuit PackN767E DS1 interface, T1 (24 channels) - This circuit pack provides a DSX1-level physical interface to the DS1 facility The TN767 circuit pack has unpolarized line out (LO) and line in (LI) signal lead pairs, The TN767 circuit pack supports DS1 rate digital facility connectivity, The circuit pack supports CO, Tie, DID, and off-premises stations (OPS) port types, These port types use the robbed-bit signaling protocol On DEFINITY CSI and SI Media Servers, this circuit pack supports ISDN-PRI connectivity, For these applications, the signaling D-channel can connect from the TN767 circuit pack to the processor interface by a permanent switched call over the TDM bus On S8500 and S8700-series Media Servers, this circuit pack does not directly support D-channel signaling and thus does not directly support ISDN-PRI connectivity. However, the TN767 circuit can indirectly support D-channel signaling provided that the central office supports nonfacility associated signaling (NFAS) In this case, you use NFAS administration on the server, This administration associates the D-channel of another T1/E1 circuit pack, usually a TN464, with the TN767 circuit pack The TN767 circuit pack communicates with Avaya IVR, he TN767 also provides the enhanced maintenance capabilities of the 120A channel-service unit (CSU) and the enhanced integrated channel-service unit (ICSU) Note: This circuit pack is not used in a G650 Media Gateway

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