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Avaya S8720 Media Server DAL2 HP Proliant DL385 Opteron2.4GHz 1GB 73GB DVD/ CD-RW Used, but tested, working. Has an 80GB hard drive installed. Boots into Linux, but is password protected and we did not get a password with this. The Avaya S8500C is based on an HP Proliant DL385 server with an AMD Opteron 2.4GHz cpu with 1GB of memory a DVD/ CD-RW drive and an 73GB hard drive. It has a Radisys 97-9536-20 Quad Ethernet adapter and an Avaya 700405079 DAL2 Board. We have two identical systems available, your purchase price is for one. Designed to meet the most demanding customer environments, the S8720 Media Server in conjunction with the release of Avaya Communication Manager 3.1 introduces a Software Duplication option, a more powerful processor and increased storage, while retaining the 2U vertical form factor of the existing S87XX platform. As a result, the S8720 Media Server with hardware duplication delivers at least a 50% improvement in BHCC ( Busy Hour Call Completion) over a similarly configured S8710 Media Server. S8720 Media ServerThe S8720 Media Server, a new version of the Avaya flagship S87XX product line, reflects our core Media Server strategy to deliver on the price/ performance promise of the Avaya Communication Architecture by regularly updating our media server platforms to take advantage of new technologies and performance improvements. The S8720 Media Server is based on the powerful AMD Opteron processor with an Enterprise Linux operating system. The S8720 Media Server with Communication Manager 3.1 provides a rock solid foundation for a highly flexible converged solution that meets a variety of telephony needs. The S8720 Media Server is always sold with two duplicated servers to ensure maximum up time. The S8720 Media Server will be available in two configurations: with Hardware Duplication ( requiring the two DAL1 duplication boards) or with Software Duplication ( no DAL1 boards needed) . With Hardware Duplication, the S8720 Media Servers can be separated up to 10 kilometers ( 6.3 miles) to help ensure business continuity. With software duplication the S8720 server separation distance is governed by the capacity and quality of the duplication link. For software duplication to function properly, the minimum network requirements for the duplication link are: 1 GB ethernet link, minimum 8 ms round trip delay, maximum 0.15% roundtrip packet loss, maximum The S8720 Media Server, with hardware duplication, can process up to 600, 000 Busy Hour Call Completions ( BHCC) in a general call type mix. The BHCC for the S8720 with Software Duplication is approximately 250, 000 in a general call type mix. The S8720 can support up to 36, 000 stations and 44, 000 ports, up to 12, 000 IP endpoints ( which is a cumulative total of IP trunks, IP stations and SIP trunks) , and 8, 000 trunks enabling it to support large multi-national corporations and contact center operations. Avaya Definity TN2312BP IP Server Interface Avaya Definity TN2312BP IP Server InterfaceThe TN2312BP IP server interface (IPSI) provides transport of control messages The messages are sent between the S8500 or S8700-series Media Server to the media server’s port networks (PNs) using the customer’s LAN and WAN Through these control messages, the media server controls the PNs, ISPI capabilities The IPSI always resides in the tone clock slot on a media gateway and uses a 10/100 BaseT interface to connect to The server Laptop computer connected to the server through a services port The IPSI provides the following functions: PN clock generation and synchronization for Stratum 4 type II only PN tone generation PN tone detection, global call classification, and international protocols Processing of product serial numbers for license file activation Environmental maintenance, only on a G650 Media Gateway A TN2312BP IPSI placed in a G650 with a carrier address set to A acts as the serial bus master A TN2312BP IPSI can only be placed in a G650 with a carrier address set to A or B, Only a TN2312BP IPSI in a G650 with a carrier address set to A can function as an serial bus master The TN2312BP IPSI also provides environmental maintenance for the G650, This includes: Power supply, cabinet, and ring generator maintenance External device alarm detection Emergency transfer control Customer-provided alarm device control The G650 Media Gateway features an 8U high, 14-slot chassis that can be installed in industry standard EIA-310 19 " , 24 " , or 600 mm ETSI open or closed racks. The G650 can accommodate a range of analog, digital, ISDN, and IP ( over the LAN) phone station configurations, with voice transport options over IP, analog, TDM, or ATM. Available dual redundant, load-sharing power supplies with AC/ DC inputs provide enhanced system reliability. For scalability, up to five G650 Media Gateways can be stacked together using a TDM/ LAN cable and a built-in connector in the back of the chassis to form a high-capacity port network. For call control, the G650 Media Gateway connects to an external S8500 or S8700 Media Server over an IP link using the TN2312BP IP Server Interface ( IPSI) . For mission-critical applications, G650 port networks can be configured for IPSI duplication, which provides fault-tolerant duplicated control paths to the media server. This feature introduces a high-availability option for enterprises with existing mission-critical voice systems that want to migrate to an IP transport solution without compromising system reliability and availability. avaya communications ready media server s8700 and dal1 duplication interface

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