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Avaya Aura™ Unified Communications Platform avaya G450 media gateway Increase productivity with feature-rich multimedia convergence Avaya Aura offers the latest in SIP communications, allowing your organization to utilize multimedia communications, such as instant messaging, chat, voice, video, file transfer, and web collaboration all from a single platform Avaya Aura increases employee productivity by allowing simultaneous communications with agents and customers over multiple media formats, all accessed through easy-to-use interfaces Avaya Aura is an unparalleled platform for enhancing the user experience, facilitating collaboration, and improving the quality of communications By leveraging SIP technology agents have increased mobility, with ability to access content, connectivity, and messaging anywhere in the world via laptop, mobile phone, PDA, or IP Phone Plus, the Aura Session Manager enables multi-vendor integration, centralized dial plans and trunking, “on-net” call routing, and enhanced scalability, resulting in lower communications costs and increased flexibility in management Affordable and flexible, to meet any sized need The Avaya Aura Platform is scalable from fewer than 100 users to up to 36,000 users in one system – and over a million users in a single network Branch, Standard, and Enterprise Editions offer increasing levels of functionality and simple per-user licensing to add as many users as your organization needs Plus, additional software and hardware are offered to support various levels of scalability and redundancy With Avaya Aura, your communications needs are covered, without being required to purchase a larger system than you need Avaya Aura Features SIP architecture with centralized management and control gives businesses agility to take advantage of new capabilities, deploy new applications, and deliver new levels of customer service IP PBX capabalities allow companies to use the corporate network to handle traffic and reduce PSTN usage with a single enterprise-wide dial plan, consolidated trunking, and intelligent routing policies Centralized communications management reduces administrative costs by eliminating the need for maintenance and management at remote locations Unified Communications capabilites empower workers with improved access to the services, information, and experts they need to provide superior customer service with call center capabilities across the enterprise Access to over 700 PBX features in a reliable and scalable environment makes it easy to deploy productivity enhancing communications tools to users as needed, independent of location or network connection Avaya Aura Components Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager The IP telephony platform can be deployed as an IP PBX, an SIP-only environment, or as an evolution server with both SIP and non-SIP environments The platform provides 700+ PBX features for productivity and mobility, Built-in capabilities include conferencing and contact center applications, A wide range of servers, gateways, and analog, digital, and IP-based communication devices is supported Avaya Aura™ Session Manager This component enables a distributed system featuring multi-vendor integration, centralized dial plans and user profiles, SIP trunking, call routing, and enhanced security This architectural flexibility allows enterprises to significantly reduce telecommunications costs, lower their total cost of ownership, and provide rapid deployment to various users and locations Avaya Aura™ Session Border Controller This solution delivers secure interactive communications—voice, video and multimedia sessions—across an enterprise’s IP network borders Session Border Controller supports Unified Communications and Contact Centers applications for remote workers and agents Avaya Aura™ System Manager Based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) this component provides centralized management functions for provisioning and administration, Its extensibility lets users expand management capabilities over time to include additional devices, applications and third-party vendor solutions under one common management umbrella Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager Messaging Integrated voice mail for Communication Manager provides unified messaging solutions on the network This application provides call answering and messaging capabilities that allow a user to manage messages on a PC, add a voicemail component to a text message, and listen to text messages over the phone Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services A set of enhanced telephony APIs, protocols, and web services are available to developers They enable off-the-shelf and custom integration with hundreds of commercial and thrid-party applications such as Microsoft Office Communicator and IBM Lotus Sametime, as well as a broad range of Call Center, Call Recording and Click-to-Dial applications Avaya Aura™ Presence Services This product enhances presence monitoring by collecting and disseminating user presence information between Avaya and other third-party endpoints The presence information allows users to locate colleagues and experts to address customer inquiries, handle a service issue, or solve a critical project problem in real time Avaya Integrated Management This product offers a comprehensive set of applications designed to simplify system administration, provisioning, and network management, including fault and performance management It allows enterprises to manage thousands of branch locations centrally Avaya Aura™ Media Services The Media Services software gateway helps businesses using H.323 IP or SIP phones and trunks to avoid the cost of purchasing gateway hardware. For connectivity outside the enterprise, Media Services is compatible with external SIP service provider trunks Built on proven VoIP media gateway technology, Media Services enables a true one-box deployment of Avaya Aura Avaya Aura™ System Platform System Platform technology delivers simplified deployment of Unified Communications and Contact Center applications. This framework leverages virtualization technology, pre-defined templates, common installation, licensing, and support infrastructure ne Edition family, the 9640 IP Telephone with high resolution color display is specifically designed for the essential telephone user Essential users are those who deem the telephone as essential for doing their jobs. Sales people, relationship managers, and attorneys are typical examples of essential users. The 9640 provides superior high fidelity audio, built-in " one touch " access to key Avaya Communication Manager mobility features, protocol independence ( H.323 and SIP) and a stylish and professional design The 9640G model has the same functionality as the 9640, and adds native support for Gigabit Ethernet The 9640 IP Telephone features a 3.8 inch ( 9.65 cm) diagonal high resolution color backlit display The 9640 supports up to 24 call appearances/ administered feature keys with six concurrent line appearances visible at any time The 9640 has several LED buttons throughout the front of the phone, Six LED line appearance buttons on the side of the display provide explicit status of different line appearances and administered features, while LEDs built into several buttons on the phone such as Mute, Message, and Headset provide an intuitive and simple experience for the everyday end user The user interface on the 9640 is helpful and intuitive. Completing call transfers and setting up ad hoc conference calls is simple and can be executed with confidence The 9640 has a dedicated Call Forward/ Mobility button, which provides direct access to Communication Manager Mobility features Some of these features, such as Extension to Cellular and Extend Current Call, are critical to the essential user Available via free firmware download, the 9640 and 9640G support SIP telephony features along with additional SIP enhancements - including display of telephone " presence " of other users from the phone contact list, integration with MS Outlook calendar appointments, changeable display skins SIP on the 9640/ 40G includes enhanced security including support for SRTP and TLS The 9640 supports a 24-button expansion module, This provides the essential user with additional call appearances, bridged appearances and administered feature keys including speed dials Intuitive User Interface The intuitive, context-sensitive interface on the 9640 is designed to facilitate confident usage by featuring context-driven menus with on-screen prompts, enabling straightforward access to contact directory and call log. Essential users have full control of conference calls, including selective drop and mute In addition, the 9640 provides a dedicated Call Forward/ Mobility button for one-touch access to mobility features within Avaya Communication Manager, These include Extension to Cellular as well as Extend Current Call to cell phone Easy access to common features such as Conference, Transfer, and Hold are now greatly enhanced with helpful prompts and tight integration with phone numbers in the contact list and call logs The user interface on the 9640 provides easy access to critical Communication Manager mobility features, allowing users to be reached transparently whether at their desks or on the go Superior Audio Quality The unique high-fidelity acoustics of the Avaya 9640, including wideband audio support in the speaker, handset, and headset, deliver industry-leading audio that minimizes ambient noise, With the enhanced audio across high and low frequencies, it is easier for users to better understand others with different speech nuances or accents For the essential end user, the person constantly on the telephone, the enhanced audio allows calls to be more productive by making team members better able to collaborate, On conference calls, users find it easier to distinguish and understand multiple speakers, aiding in collaboration and communications Overall, communications are richer New design and color display The 9640 features an improved, higher resolution display supporting 1/ 4 VGA color with backlighting, A four-way navigation button cluster is another new addition to the 9640, providing a familiar, cell phone-like interface for navigation and feature selections for the essential user. The new design facilitates better usage of the display and the built-in browser to improve access to information and use of telephone features Investment Protection - Modules and Adapters Based on open standards with a modular platform, the Avaya 9640 allows enterprises to add a wide range of modules and adapters to further enhance employee productivity, This facilitates individual choice between Bluetooth, monaural wideband, or binaural wideband headsets. Adapters for Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth are now available Investment protection and enhanced total cost of ownership are the key benefits, Traditionally, the only way to receive new telephone capabilities was to purchase a completely new phone, Designed with the future in mind, the Avaya 9640 provides a flexible approach for adding future functionality to current telephones 9640 Designed just for the essential user The 9640 is designed specifically for essential users, those users who deem the telephone as critical for doing their jobs The 9640 features a larger color display, with additional LED buttons and wideband audio support throughout. The 9640 supports a 24-button expansion module, which allows the user to access additional call appearances and feature keys Finally, with one-touch access to mobility features, the 9640 user is reachable seamlessly Matching the communication needs of the essential user with the phone on the user' s desk gives a business great advantage This is especially importance given the roles held by essential users ( sales, customer-facing associates) The 9640 user can make confident, effective use of the right set of telephone features, which enables them to perform their jobs more proficiently and ultimately helps to satisfy customers and provide competitive advantages Software Requirements Avaya Communication Manager Rel 3,0 or greater Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition IP Telephones require Avaya Communication Manager 3.0 or later Site Requirements

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