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Oleh: Musicool Benderamas  22/03/2012
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Benderamas Tirta offers product service such as maintenance services of air conditioning units. Along with the increasing of time, the air conditioning system will also be reached a period of wear (getting older). For that reason, we need regularly do maintenance to support the smoothness of air-conditioning system that work continuously hours. With our working system which is always puts customer satisfaction on the top priority, convenience, with the best service quality, the fastest response time, quality control, warranty, and supported by our engineers who have experienced, thus entrust the air-conditioning maintenance services of your company to us. We will be glad to be a partner of your company in the field of AC maintenance services. The scope of air conditioning maintenances and services that we offer are: • Evaporators Checking and Cleaning • Condenser Coil Cleaning • Body, Casing, Drain Pipe and Filter Cleaning • Condition of Piping Installation Checking • Ampere Compressor Checking • Gas Pressure Checking • Compressor Oil Checking. We also offer for repairing and spare part replacement: - Compressor replacement - Motor fan replacement - Condenser replacement - Evaporator replacement - Adding Musicool - Tubing installation - Some other parts replacement. Retrofit and Refrigerant Conversation In order to help provide electrical power efficiency solutions which also resulted in savings of electricity costs, we Benderamas Tirta has been carrying out Electrical Savings Solutions Program in Air Conditioning Machine in a variety of Company and Commercial Building, through the conversion of synthetic refrigerant HCFC R-22 with MC-22 Musicool Pertamina products, which save electricity and are environmentally. Besides saving electricity, conversion of HCFC/HFC Synthetic Refrigerants with Musicool also can support the Green Program (“Go Green”), since the Musicool Refrigerant is a natural refrigerant that are environmentally friendly, which does not damage the Ozone Layer, and not a GHG. This Power Saving Solutions, we do to help reduce operating costs of the Company, particularly the cost of Electricity and also at the same time in line with the Energy Saving Program. This program has been utilized by many parties / companies / industries such as, Hospitals, high-rise buildings, hotels and Industry, where his unit air-conditioning machines, both AC and Split AC Chiller / Central used by the company, which was originally using HCFC/HFC Synthetic Refrigerant replaced with natural Refrigerant Musicool.

Kata kunci: ac maintenance, Musicool, retrofit