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Oleh: PT MULTI BISNIS SOLUSI  02/10/2012
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Currently, MBS Consulting are having a rapid growth in the HUMAN CAPITAL services and invite any (Super) talented and visionary people to join in MBS Super-Database. The skills you've learned and the subject you've been focusing on at university will be important as you begin and progress through your career, but not as important as your natural talents and strengths. While your values is growing through your career, off course__ MBS Consulting know exactly how to promote your values in term of your desirable benefits. Being a member of MBS Super-Database will get many benefits to both your career and income while MBS Consulting running a unique program while MBS Consulting focusing target to any reputable multinational companies. So why wait? Send your resume now and get your name written in MBS (Super) Database as a Super Human Capital ! (Send to , with subject : Join In MBS Super Database) Please be noted that only (Super) talented and visionary people are welcome. Find out below how MBS Consulting define "Super". GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Proficient in MS. Excell, MS. Word and MS Power point; Excellent English written and spoken; Strong interpersonal and communication skills; Strong analytical thinking; Strong leadership; SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS Strong Education background; Strong Credential (through Seminar, Training, Workshop, Projects) background; Strong Professional background (posses at least one key achievement); Excellent skill in Report and Business Writing;

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