Oleh: MANDIRI JAYA MEDIKA  24/04/2011
Kata kunci: QINPOT

Qin Pot is used for clinical suction of blood and other fluids. It consists of reusable canister and disposable liners. It is designed to improve hygiene and to prevent infections. It has only one connection port, it is easy to set and very unlikely to misconnect. It is the alternative to glass jars & other disposable suction system. Solidifying substance is

preinstalled inside the liner. Fluids are stored inside without the risk of direct exposure. Thanks to its compact size, it is well suited for installations under constrained space, and is easy to handle. It can be selected from 4 different colors (Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow). It is suitably designed for hospital wards, bedside. Strong safety function - Qin Pot prevents the overflow of fluids into the suction units.

Vacuuming Pressure: 0~ -60kPa (Maximum Vacuuming Pressure -80kPa)

Accuracy of the Regulator +/-10% from the set pressure

Kata kunci: QINPOT