MJP STREAM FLOWMETER dari Maju Mapan Mandiri

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  06/09/2010
Kata kunci: Alat Geologi, Surveying Equipments, Alat Alat Survey

MJP Stream Flowmeter.

Ideal for student projects and pratical river and irrigation studies and Management. Revolutions of impeller are sensed electronically and transmitted to a hand-held counter unit that features start, stop, and clear functions. Revolutions per unit of time can be translated into stream velocity using a conversion chart. May be used in brackish water or salt water. Fitted with a re-settable LCD counter, this flowmeter eliminates the need for tiresome calculations. Comes complete with PVC pole mounted with an impeller which collapses into four sections for easy storage and carrying, three stream bed elevation rods, protective carrying pouch for counter, weather-proof storage case, instruction manual, and comparison charts. Optional 3-cup, hand-held anemometer is available for use with the flowmeter for measuring air velocity. Range of the anemometer is 2 mph to 65 mph.

Materials: PVC impeller poles, stainless steel impeller shaft, plastic impeller. Dimensions: Overall pole length: 3.3’. Four individual sections: 9.8" each. Cable: 3.3’. Elevation rods: 9.8", 4.9", and 2.5". Data Readout: LCD counter; 800 counts per minute; re-setting. Sensor Type: Magnetic. Range: Approximately 0.05m/sec to 8.0m/sec. Accuracy: ±7%. Power: 2 AAA batteries (included).

Kata kunci: Alat Alat Survey, Alat Geologi, Surveying Equipments, Surveying Laboratory