MDL LASER ACE HYPSOMETER dari Maju Mapan Mandiri

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  06/09/2010
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LaserAce® Hypsometer (a Pocket Series Instrument) was designed to help foresters easily and efficiently measure the height of a tree, its diameter (at any height on the tree), simple or ‘taper’ log volumes and tree lean.. This multi-role capable instrument is simple to use with selectable modes to suit the required role, these include: * Measuring reflectorless ranges up to 150m/ 500’ * Brush filter mode (for use with reflective tape) * Critical range gating for area plots * Heighting (with built in inclinometer) * 2-Point height & lean measurement * 3-Point height measurement * Diameter measurement * Log volumes * Plot sampling .

LaserAce® Hypsometer incorporates an onboard multifunction computer. This computer stores results (up to 2000 trees) for later viewing and or downloading to PCs or PDAs using its onboard Bluetooth® (or RS232) data link. Providing users with a cableless data storage out in the field. The internal ‘forestry’ software automatically carries out mathematical calculations for instant field results.

Class 1 eye safe laser distance meter (IEC / FDA)
* Passive range upto 150m/ 500ft* Range to reflector 600m/ 197ft* Typical accuracy 5cm/ 2"* Resolution 1cm/ 0.4"* Measurement time 0.3 seconds 

Operating temperature -10°C to +45°C
* Water & dust resistant (IP63) 

Type: Accelerometer
* Range -70*° to + 70°* Accuracy 0.1°C at 0°* Resolution 0.1° 

Data I/ O: Bluetooth® or RS232
* Weight: 400g/ 14oz* Dimensions: 110mm x 100mm x 50mm/ 4.33" x 3.94" x 1.97

Contactless measurement of objects
* Height, distance, diameter, lean and log volumes in ONE unit* Provides an efficient way of measuring forests* Little or no training* Novice or expert use* Reduces survey time* Light and easy portable* Forester can measure to inaccessible or dangerous areas 

HYPSOMETER applications
* Forest surveys* Tree heights* Tree lean and volume measurements* Tree volume calculation

Kata kunci: Alat Alat Survey, Alat Geologi, Surveying Equipments, Surveying Laboratory