Eureka Gold Detector GPX 4000

Eureka Gold Detector GPX 4000 dari Maju Mapan Mandiri

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  16/09/2010
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  • Gain - The Gain function sets the overall performance level of your detector. In areas where the search conditions are mild, you can increase the Gain, and in areas that are more difficult it can be reduced. You'll find using the Gain control in combination with other controls like Timings, Audio and Ground Balance will enhance performance to the ultimate.
  • Sensitive / Smooth Timing - The GPX-4000 now has two sensitive options. The all-new Smooth option dramatically reduces signals from hot rocks and false ground noises, yet remains highly responsive to small targets. In mild ground conditions, the Sensitive Timing found on previous GP4000 detectors, now called Extra, is the preferred option as it will provide greater depth.
  • Ground Balance Type - In addition to the normal ground balance that we are all familiar with, the GPX-4000 now has an optional "Specific" ground balance, designed specifically for use in very hot ground and especially useful with Mono-loop coils.
  • Response - We are all familiar with the standard distinctive target signal we get from small nuggets, it tends to start with a rising tone and then drops to a lower tone. Because we usually find more small nuggets than large ones, this target signal is very familiar to us. The response function allows you to invert the normal target response so that when you're detecting deep ground for large nuggets, the target response from a big nugget is easier to hear, as it will be the familiar target signal you're used to hearing.
  • Motion - Different sweep speeds demand different software so that the detector can give the best results. The Motion function allows the operator to indicate their intended sweep speed to provide the best threshold stability and target response for that sweep speed.
  • Volume Limit - Improvements have been made to allow potentially loud signals to be reduced without any loss of signal strength on weak soft signals, even on very low settings.
  • This Gold Nugget Detectors is one of the finest for Gold Prospecting.

Specification :

Length : Maximum 1300mm,  Minimum 1100mm
Weight :  Complete with 11" coil (excluding battery & accessories) 2400g
Technology :  Supplied 1/4" socket,  Koss; 100ohm
Coil (Standard) : 11" Double D
Battery :  Lithium Ion 9.2ah: 7.4v, 
Weight : 870g
Manual Tuning : 0–255
Volume Limit : 1–40Audio Tone : 1–100
Signal Peak : 1–20Iron Reject :  Off / 1–30
Audio :  Normal / Quiet / Boost / DeepGain : 1–15
Motion :  V-Slow / Slow / Medium / Fast
Response :  Normal / Inverted

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