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   SHM provides legal services in the form of: 
    1.   Legal audit; 
    2.   Legal opinion; 
    3.   Legal advice 
    4.   Legal drafting; 
    5.   Legal assistant.
    6.   Legal training; 
    7.   Legal review; 
    8.   Legal research;    
    9.   Legal listing and registration; 
    10. Etc  

Legal Services in Certain Scope:
1. Corporate. 
    Provide legal services related to corporate/company Issues, such as: 
    -   Establishing limited liability company; 
    -   Contract drafting; 
    -   Legal opinion; 
    -   Legal audit and legal due diligence; 
    -   Negotiation;  
    -   “Corporate Secretarial Services” which is activity to manage whole company documents include the 
        company deed of establishment, company article of association, company licensing document, 
        company agreement, etc; -   Merger; -   Consolidation; -   Acquisition; -   Liquidation; -   Legal advice; 
        According to the Law No. 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company and the implementation 
2. Investment 
    Provide legal services in connection to the issues of foreign and local investment in Indonesia, include: 
    -   Providing opinion and advice concerning investment law. 
    -   Setting the company's joint Ventures in various sectors and industries; 
    -   Assist the clients to manage and get the approvals and permits that apply to conduct businesses
        mentioned above; 
    -   Provides legal services in the scope of commercial / trading in international and national scale,
        encompass : 
        -  Study the policy and regulation; 
        - drafting or reviewing the documents, contracts of commercial / trading. According to the Law No. 25 
           Year 2007 regarding Investment and the implementation regulation.
3. Banking and Finance Provide legal services in connection with banking and finance transactions, which 
    encompass : 
    -   Loan agreement (“off shore” and “on shore”); 
    -   Syndication and club deal agreement; 
    -   Security agreement related to mentioned loan agreement; 
    -   Debt Restructure, reschedule and reform; 
    -   Take care the bad debts Issue; 
    -   Handling the execution of the securities; 
    -   Handling all the banking and finance non litigation matters. According to the Law No. 10 Tahun 1998 
        regarding the Amendment of Law No. 7 Year 1992 regarding Banking, Indonesia Civil Code, Law No. 42 
        year 1992 regarding the Fiducia Guarantee, Law No. 4 Tahun 1992 regarding Land Mortgage and Bank 
        Indonesia Regulation.
4.  Capital Market Provide legal services related to capital market activities issues, such as: 
     -   Initial Public Offering; 
     -   Bond; 
     -   Right Issue; 
     -   Mutual Fund; 
     -   Private Placements; 
     -   Take Over; 
    According to the Law No. 8 Year 1995 regarding the Capital Market and the implementation regulations 
    also the Capital Market Supervisor Board regulations.  

5. Intellectual Property Rights Provide legal services related to registration, giving legal opinion and legal 
    advice in the scope of intellectual property rights, such as : 
    -  Legal listing and registration; 
    -  Property Rights and Patents extend; 
    -   Review and drafting the License, Agency, Franchising and Technical Assistance agreement. 
    -   Defend and assisting the clients before the court in the scope of criminal and civil dispute related with 
        intellectual property matters. According to the law of Copyright (Law No. 19 Year 2002), Patent (Law No. 
        14 Year 2001), Trademark (Code of Law No. 15 Year 2001), Trade Secret Protection (Code of Law No. 30 
        Year 2000), Industrial Design (Code of Law No. 31 Year 2000), Integrated Circuit (Code of Law No. 32 
        Year 2000) those include registering of Copyright, Patent and Trademark and in connected with their 
        passing-off, also drafting and reviewing License, Agency, Franchise and Technical Assistance 

6. Anti Trust Law Provide legal services in the form of :
     -  Assisting and defending clients in the investigations and trial in the Business Competition Supervisor 
     -  Provuide legal opinion; 
     -  Provide legal advice; Providing legal services in connection with the various existing provisions in 
        effect related to the Anti Trust Law as regulated in Law No.5 Year 1999, which covers matters such as 
        oligopoly, price determination, division of areas, boycott, cartel, trust, oligopoly, vertical integration, 
        tying agreement, agreement with foreign parties, monopoly, monophony, market control, dominant 
        position, concurrent position, merger/consolidation and takeover, tender conspiracy.  

7. Labor / Manpower and Transmigration Provide legal services related to manpower / labour and 
    transmigration issues, such as : 
    -   Drafting or reviewing the company intern regulation concerning manpower or labor;
    -   Work agreement; 
    -   Provide legal services in connection with manpower, which includes the drafting or reviewing the draft 
        of company regulations, work contract/agreement, providing explanations regarding termination of 
        employment and other labour problems in general, includingarranging for visas, work permit, IKTA, 
        KIMS, KIMS, KITAS, RPTKA and other documents related to immigration affairs, mentioned in Law 
        No. 13 Year 2003 regarding Manpower. -   Provide legal services in the form of defendeing and assisting 
        the clients in every manpower / labor and transmigration issues in mediation, consolidation, arbitration 
        and in the Industrial Relation Courts according to the Law No. 2 Year 2004 regarding Industrial Relation 
        Dispute Settlement.  

8. Taxatation 
    Provide legal services in connection with the existing and valid regulation in the scope of taxatation, 
    customs and tariff, such as : 
    -   Obtaining Tax Obligation Main Number; 
    -   fill / Mail Notification calculate tax; 
    -   Filling and reporting of : 
        -  Periode Tax Returns of PPh Art 21, PPh Art 25, PPN (Value Added Tax); 
        -  Annual Tax Returns of PPh Art 21, PPh Art 25/29/28a 
    -   Obtain the taxatation facilities; 
    -   Customs and tariff which allowed by the valid rules and regulation ; 
    -   Provide legal services in connection with taxatation issues; 
    -   Handling taxatation cases in the Tax Court and Supreme Court according to the Law No.16 Year 2000 
        Concerning Taxatation Administration.  

9. Collection Providing legal services in connection with problems of collecting owed money, both directly 
    and indirectly, from parties that are obliged to pay/settle their obligations; and or to collect due payment 
    domestically or abroad.  

10.  Land, Property, Infrastructur and Mining Provide legal services in connection with the issues of land, 
       property and minning transaction, such as: 
       -   Build the property; 
       -   Land and property acquisition; 
       -   Sale and purchase; 
       -   Land lease; 
       -   Land planning, encompass: 
            -  Title investigation, 
            -  Title and the rights aboved the land; 
            -  Acquire the land certificates and land released; 
            -  Provide legal services in the field of infrastructured and minning, such as: 
                -  Drafting the joint venture contract; 
                -  Drafting the join operation contract; ·  
                -  Drafting the minning technical assistant contract.  

11.  Litigation 
       -   Providing legal services in the broadest sense in accordance with national and international problems 
           or dispute that arise in the legal sectors, which are in criminal law, civil law, religious law and state 
           administrative law. 
       -   Provide legal services for preliminary investigation and investigation conducted by the Indonesian 
           National Police (POLRI); Prosecution performed by district attorney offices up to hearings in courts 
           (district court, high court, State Administration Court and Supreme Court). -   Provide legal services in 
           disputes arising in investments, company disputes, banking, labour, bankruptcy, insurance, 
           intellectual rights, property, general civil cases (marriage and inheritance), consumer, and 
       -   Provide legal services through alternative dispute settlement, such as arbitration, mediation, and 
           negotiation, at both national as well as international level. -   Provide legal services in Bankrupty and 
           Suspension of Payment field, specialy to company restructruction with reconciliation purpose 
           between the crediturs if there is bankrupt appeal in Commercial Court. We also providing integratedly 
            start from Advocate service untill Receiver in settlement of debitur bankrupt asset as regulated in 
            Law No. 37 Year 2004 regarding Bankrupty and Suspension of Payment.
        -  Provide legal services in the form of defending in Business Competition Supervisor Commission trial 
            and the Indonesia Antidumping commitee trial.

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