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kami bergerak dibidang layanan dagang dan jasa, seperti. sales-service - pabx - telephone - upgrade - maintenant, kami menerima reparasi. menyediakan component berbagai jenis dan type berbagai merek, PABX - IPPABX - Telephone , IP Phone seperti , panasonic - Nortel - siemens . alcatel-lucent - at& t - transtel - avaya - lucent - Mitel - LG - NEC - plantronics - polycom - Philips .dll kami juga melayani kebutuhan rental atau sewa pabx dari mulai kapasitas menengah dan kapasitas besar, silahkan menghubungi nomor yg tertera bila anda membutuhkan perlayanan dari kami

seperti. sales-service - pabx - telephone - upgrade - maintenant, reparasi. berbagai merek, PABX - IPPBX - Telephone , IP Phone seperti , nortel - siemens . alcatel-lucent - at&tTranstel - avaya - lucent - Mitel - LG - NEC - plantronics - polycom - Philips .dll

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Avaya G650 Media Gateway Definity/IP 700259724


The G650 Media Gateway a high capacity 14-slot carrier designed to house a wide range of Avaya circuit packs, and features dual redundant, load-sharing power supplies with AC/DC inputs that enhance system reliability. The G650 supports both TDM and IP-based telephony environments, providing a resilient and scalable carrier platform that allows enterprises to combine the full benefits of IP with the mission critical availability of traditional telephony.

  • High capacity 14-slot chassis
  • one year warranty
  • Optional Dual redundant, load-sharing power supplies with AC/DC
  • Comes with Cabinet and one 655A power supply.
  • Support for  Avaya Direct Connect, Multi-Connect, and IP Connect configurations
  • \Support for up to 5 G650s in a single port network
  • Supports multi-protocol environments where enterprises have a requirement for concurrent support of TDM and IP-based telephony.
  • Provides an evolutionary approach to mixed TDM/IP or IP Telephony for enterprises with traditional TDM-based infrastructures that maximizes ROI of their existing investments.
  • Provides enterprises with a standard migration and expansion platform for all existing Avaya TN-style Media Gateways that enables them to easily integrate their voice and data infrastructure over a standard 19” data rack.
  • Supports a variety of connectivity and availability options, allowing for easy integration into existing voice networks.

The G650 Media Gateway is a single 8U high, 14-slot “TN”-based media gateway that can be installed in industry standard EIA-310 19”, 24”, or 600 mm ETSI open or closed racks. The G650 is the standard migration gateway for existing Avaya TN-style carriers, and can be configured to support Avaya Direct Connect, Multi-Connect, and IP Connect configurations, allowing it to be integrated into many existing networks.

The G650 is designed for use with the S8700 and S8500 Media Servers, and requires Avaya Communication Manager Release 2.X or higher. Up to 5 G650s can be mounted in a rack and connected by TDM cables to form a port network. G650s can be mixed/matched with other TN-style gateways (MCC1, SCC1, CMC1, and G600), but cannot be mixed within the same port network.

With the TN2312BP IP Server Interface (IPSI), the G650 can be configured for IPSI duplication, which provides fault-tolerant duplicated control paths to the the media server. IPSI Duplication is supported in a G650 stack with at least two carriers, and introduces enhanced availability options for Enterprises with existing high-availability DEFINITY configurations that want to migrate to IP Connect configurations without compromising system reliability and availability

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