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Oleh: Indo Mandiri Engineering   07/04/2011
Kata kunci: Coupling, electro motor

 Asynchronous electric motors with AC brake
 0.04 - 18 kW, 230 - 400 V | BM series
 BM series are asynchronous, three phase, self-braking. BM series power range is from 0.06 kW up to 11 kW. The motor brakes in case of power supply failure. The brake supply is DC as standard with the rectifier built in the terminal box. On request is possible to have a separate brake supply. The rectifier is supplied with an over-voltage and radio frequency emission protection.
 BM series is projected to withstand high overheating guaranteeing high reliability, also under severe operating conditions.
 BM series is suitable to be controlled by inverters. The winding insulation class is F. Class H available on request.
 Motor enclosure is TEFC, IP54 protection degree ( IP55/ IP56 available on request) . An hexagonal hole is present on the shaft end to allow manual rotation ( up to 132 frame size) . All the BM series motors can be provided with the brake hand release.
 Shields and flanges are aluminium made for motors up to 90 frame size, and cast iron for motor frame size from 100 up to 132. On request 132 frame size motors can be supplied with cast iron frame.
 BM series main features are a robust construction, an extremely silent running and braking, the gradual braking action and motor starting, and a notable compactness in dimensions. All MGM motors are CSA approved. 

Kata kunci: Coupling, electro motor