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Oleh: GO BIKES  28/07/2011
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Product Description

Zipp 808 / Super-9 Disc Tubular Wheelset

When Zipp introduced the 808, they saw it mainly as a time trial and triathlon wheelset.  In those disciplines, it has netted numerous Tour de France stage wins and Kona IM world championships with Normann Stadler and Craig Alexander.

But lately, cycling’s fastest finishers have realized that deep-section wheels like the 808 can help them conserve energy while sitting in the field and increase their top speed in the final meters without sacrificing rapid acceleration and precise handling.

These days, the 808 wheelset adorns the bikes of sprinters like Tyler Farrar, who used it to outkick all comers in Stage 3 of Tirreno-Adriatico. The 808 earned a slew of stage wins at the 2009 Tour de France and was spotted on Thor Hushovd’s bike while he honed his sprinting position in the wind tunnel.

With a fully toroidal 81mm rim profile and Zipp's exclusive ALBC dimples, the 808 is both more aerodynamic than a three-spoke and more stable in crosswinds.  Whether your elbows are resting on the aero bars or banging with another sprinter, the 808 provides the speed you need to win.

Kata kunci: Sepeda, Toko sepeda