Ladies Shirts

Oleh:  03/01/2009
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Ladies shirts will be much appreciated gifts when you hand them out at that trade show. Ladies shirts are available in one sizes and decent colors that provide them a casual as well as a formal look and can be worn as a formal or casual wear.
Designed with stretch cotton and rib knit construction for a flattering fit and resilient shape. Features: 7-ounce, 95/5 cotton/spandex stretch fabric. Designed for a great fit, the summer shirts from Trekwear are perfect for the great outdoors. Oh, did we mention that they look good too? Design is approximately 8 inches square on the chest of the shirt.
T-shirts are a little more complicated due to the fact that our vendor requires high minimums due to the complexity of silk screening the Firefox/Tbird logos. When the dye sublimation process is perfected for dark color t-shirts, we will likely try a smaller run of shirts and see how they do. T-shirts labeled juniors are made from regular t-shirt material. Baby dolls and baseball jerseys that are labeled juniors are stretch knit material and intended to be worn fitted. T-Shirts are always a big hit at any reunion. School reunion, family reunion, or business reunion.
Add spandex in the favorite v-neck option and ladies will always look great and stylish. Ribbed cotton is also a nice addition and with your embroidered logo you will stand out in a casual yet classic style.
Please visit our site for wide range of images of all our products. We specialise in all kind of dresses, fashion shirts, T-shirts, children shirt, in variety of styles, fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, crochet in different sizes and style such as prints, solid, fringes, tassels, bead, sequined, hand embroidery etc.

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