Fresnel 2000W - DUNIA LAMPU

Fresnel 2000W  - DUNIA LAMPU dari Dunia Lampu

Oleh: Dunia Lampu  06/11/2010
Kata kunci: stage lighting

Material and feature description:
* Improved construction of extruded aluminum noticeably promotes airflow and venting cooling for longer lamp life. The
focus distance between the reflector and lens has been made more reasonable with a front and rear focusing
adjustment setting. Modified front door holders accommodate multiple accessories such as color changers. The unit
provides protective grill for safe operation.
* Rotating barn door is available in producing hard-edged beam patterns.
* The fixture is open-faced for easy and smooth operation. Locking mechanism is provided for safety purpose.
* Lens with Fresnel optical glass and reflector of high reflectivity offer an even and constant spot-to-flood range.
* Lamp holders made of fine quality alloy materials conform to domestic and international safety requirements and
feature excellent conductivity, fair contact, electrical flicker resistance and electrical arc resistance. Fast lock
mechanism on the lamp holders make lamp detachment easy.
* Housing of dark non-reflective finish and innovative, attractive and lightweight construction featured with thermal and
static electricity resistance.
* As a primary luminary for studios and field lighting, DLJ II Spotlight family comes with fine distribution curve of light,
matching single-ended quartz halogen lamps for stable illumination with color temperature at 3050±150k.

Kata kunci: stage lighting