Dimmerpack Liteputer DX-1220 - DUNIA LAMPU

Dimmerpack Liteputer DX-1220  - DUNIA LAMPU dari Dunia Lampu

Oleh: Dunia Lampu  06/11/2010
Kata kunci: dimmerpack

  • 12 individual extractable modules with 12 channels control.
  • DMX-512 and analog input.
  • A MCB (NFB) for each channel.
  • Output of each channel can be limited to protect the lamps.
  • Emergent scene setting function to output scene data when losing DMX control signal.
  • Thermo-controlled fan will be activated automatically when the temperature is over 37℃; cease the output when over 63℃ and restart out when below 60℃.
  • Self-testing function to test without a console.
  • Options of dimming or switch for each channel.

  • Power: AC 90-240 V, 45-63 Hz, 3Ø4W (1Ø3W optional)
  • Protocol: DMX-512
  • Analog Signal Input: DC 0-10V
  • Installation: 19” 4U standard rack
  • Kata kunci: dimmerpack