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Oleh: comunicazione indonesia  08/12/2009
Kata kunci: Family gathering, Trade Shows, Corporate Events

....."Why are many successful ads that do not promote their products?
Why delegation from superiors to   subordinates often do not work well?
Why do business deals are often blocked and fail?
Why do not often develop relationships?
All this may happen because the way we communicate is not clear, ambiguous or less strategic”.....
The answer is communications problem. 

comunicazione an Event Management support by attending a professional workforce to help you provide solutions to overcome those things above. We’ll make your vertical and horizontal communications clears and meets the target.

provide services as of below:
Annual Shareholder Meetings, Award Ceremonies, Opening Ceremonies, Product Launches, Conferences, Seminars, Team Building Events, Corporate Events, Theme Parties, Trade Shows, VIP Events, Incentive Travel.

“When it comes to delivering better event solution with one step beyond no other company has the experience of comunicazione

Kata kunci: Awards Ceremony, Corporate Events, Family gathering, Opening Ceremonies, Product Launches, Theme Parties, Trade Shows, VIP Events,