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Oleh: Click Event Organizer  22/05/2010
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Click Event Organizer through great experiences of each person in Management Team provides event planning in a wide range of applicants. We guarantee in the areas of appearance, performance, and taste.

The following is types of events we plan every year:

  1. 1. Product Launching, Gala Dinner, Corporate Gathering
  2. 2. Training (outward bound), Tournaments, Seminar, Talk Shows
  3. 3. Exhibition Planner & Organizer
  4. 4. Live Show Performances
  5. 5. Private Event (Wedding, Family Gathering, Birthday Party, etc)
  6. 6. Any other event that needs to be planed and organized

Kata kunci: Event Organizer, Jasa hiburan, Jasa manajemen acara, Penyelenggara pameran, Perlengkapan dan jasa pesta