Sound Level Meter BG 325

Sound Level Meter BG 325 dari Cipta Lestari Teknik

Oleh: Cipta Lestari Teknik  21/01/2011
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To ensure that you can the most from the mini sound level meter, We recommended that you read and follow the manual

carrefully before use. This unit conforms to the IEC 651 type 2, ANSI S 1.4 type 2 for sound level meters. This sound level

meter has been designed to meet the measurement reof safety engineers, health, industrial safety offices and sound

quality control in various environments.
  • Range from 32dB to 130 dB at frequenceies between 31,5 Hz and 8 kHz.
  • Display with 0.1 dB steps on a 4 digit LCD
  • Two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels, A and C
  • AC signal output is available from standart 3.5 mm coaxial jack suitable for a frequency analyzer, level recorder, FFT analyzer, graphic recorder, etc.
  • Standart Applied : IEC 651 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2
  • Frequency Range : 31.5 Hz to 8 KHz
  • Measuring Level range : 32dB to 130dB
  • Frequency Weighing : A/C
  • Microphone : 1/2 inch electret condenser microphone
  • Display : LCD
  • Digital Display : 4 Digit
  • Resolution : 0.1dB
  • Display Update : 0.5 sec.
  • Time Weighing : Fast 125ms, Slow 1 second
  • Level Range : Lo 32dB to 80dB, Med 50dB to 100dB, Hi 80dB to 130dB
  • Accuracy : +/- 1.5dB
  • Dynamic Range : 50dB

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