"BCTRACK" GPS TRACKING ONE PACKAGE dari PT. Baseline Communicate

Oleh: PT. Baseline Communicate  28/05/2010
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Marine’s Management:
"The Key to Fuel Cost Reduction and Total Efficiency"

Tips and Tools for Creating and Increasing REVENUE
1. Appropriate Technology
2. Online
3. Real Time

Fuel Management must . . .
1. Collect, Store, Analyze, and Transmit real time vessel information.
2. Analyze all influences on fuel consumption . . . NOT just RPM.
3. Display fuel consumption in terms of COSTS.
4. “Learn” the operating characteristics of each unique vessel.
5. Require little or no input from crews and be easily understood.
6. Be easily reported to management on a global basis.

Let fuel cost determine how to operate vessels:
"BCTRACK" makes this possible.

"Major Features of BCTRACK"
:: Latitude Longitude position, vessel information.
:: Speed, vessel information.
:: Heading, vessel information.
:: Revolution Per minutes (RPM), vessel information.
:: Ignition ON/OFF alert, and Transmit real time.
:: Fuel Consumption, Distance & Engine Timer alert, and    Transmit real time.
:: Enter/Exit Geo ZONE alert, and Transmit real time.
:: Engine Lubrication alert, and Transmit real time.
:: Fuel Inflow/Outflow alert, and Transmit real time.
:: FO and Water Level alert, and Transmit real time.
:: Main hole alert, and Transmit real time.
:: Multi GSM number (up to three) alerting.
"BCTRACK" MARINE GPS TRACKING AND TELEMETRY SYSTEM Get vessel information included fuel consumption in ONLINE and REAL TIME

Vessel Tracking and Fuel Consumption Control in ONLINE and REAL TIME via INTERNET with Features:
Position, Speed, RPM, Fuel Consumption, Distance, Time Spent, Bunker, R.O.B, Geo Zone, Way Point Making, Main Engine Status.

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