BCTRACK dari PT. Baseline Communicate

Oleh: PT. Baseline Communicate  20/01/2012
Kata kunci: Komputer, bisnis, Hardware

Features : 1. Sending data by Satellite 2. Alert by Satellite 3. Memory Logger 4. Inflow / Outflow Detection (Bunkering / Cargo) with Keypad & Local Display 5. Fuel Consumption (All engine ME & AE R/L) 6. Volume Detection (with transducer existing) 7. Ignition ON/OFF Alert 8. Oil Lubricant Control 9. Distance & Time span (Trip Report) 10. Stop Tag 11. Geo Zone 12. Speed Limit 13. Odometer 14. Engine Timer 15. Revolution per Minutes 16. Control Propeller Pitch 17. Show on Google Imagery 18. Way Point Maker (Distance Allocation) 19. Health status report

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