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Kata kunci: telepon satelit DEALER TELEPON SATELLITE, GPS, ALAT2 SURVEY DLL CONCRETE HAMMET TEST (ALAT UJI KEKUATAN BETON) CONCRETE TEST HAMMER Concrete testing with original SCHMIDT Hammer is the most frequently used method worldwide for non-destructive testing of concrete and structural components. No other manufacturer offers such a wide range of different types. Each hammer is designed for specific test applications. HAMMER TEST NJ 80 ( Korea) The Concrete Test Hammer / Hammer Test, cocok untuk pengawasan mutu cepat bekerja dengan beton dibangun pada skala penunjuk dan grafik. Concrete Test Hammer Alat Untuk mengukur atau mengetahui kuat tekan beton keras dengan cepat dan praktis. Biasa dipergunakan untuk pekerjaan Quality Control. * Digunakan untuk pengukuran non-destruktif dari beton / adukan semen kekuatan tekan karakteristik * Pengendalian mutu beton seragam ( in-situ dan prefabrikasi struktur beton) * Deteksi titik-titik lemah dalam beton. The Concrete Test Hammer / Hammer Test, suitable for rapid quality control of concrete work is built on a scale pointer and graphics. Concrete Test Hammer Tool To measure the compressive strength of concrete or hard to know quickly and practically. Commonly used for Quality Control of work. * Used for non-destructive measurement of concrete / mortar compressive strength of concrete characteristics * Quality control of the uniform (in-situ concrete and prefabricated structures) * Detection of weak spots in the concrete. A. Hammer Name: NJ - 80 * Survey Type: N-type Ø Survey Methods: Violence Repulsion * Survey Range: 100-600 kg/cm2 * Weight: 1.4 Kg * Includes: Hammer, grinding wheels, tote bags, manual records 2. Hammer's Test Objectives This test uses a hammer impact testing of concrete surfaces, and then surveys the repulsion force 3. Test Hammer's Principal NJ-80 hammer tests of high quality, the method is very simple and easy to survey the development of violence. 4. Survey Methods Hammer - Palo has adapted to use ground before launch. mean adjusting typically R = 80 ± 1, but the tolerance of R = 80 ± 2 was approved, but the tolerance is * Discover the use of metal detectors iron rods and then void where an iron rod when you use a hammer. * Choose a plane * Avoid prominence and depression, fractures and gaps, pebble gravel, stone. * Remove the powder with a grinding stone. * Remove the stand and depression using a grinding stone. * Choose a place that is more than 10cm thick concrete. ii. measurement * Minimum 3 - 6cm away from the bars, the pillars * Size is 3cm by 3cm Hit the strike length of 5 times, in the high 4 times hit. * When the hammer hit, keeping the right ang * If you find a strange sound or damaged holes, ignoring the number, move to the next good point and try again we also available other product ; KOMPAS SUUNTO: - Kompas Suunto KB-14 - Kompas Suunto KB-20 - Suunto Tandem - Suunto Clinometer PM-5 - Suunto Altimeter E203 KOMPAS BRUNTON : -Kompas Brunton 5008 (Fiber) -Kompas Brunton 5006 (Besi) -Kompas Brunton 5010 (Super Metal) -Kompas DQL 8 GARMIN GPS (BASIC, MAPPING, TRACKING) Basic Handhel - Garmin GPS 60 / 60i (versi indonesia) - Garmin GPS Etrex Hi (versi indonesia) - Garmin GPS Etrex 10 series (new) Mapping Handhel - Garmin GPS map 60/76 csxi (versi indonesia) free memory & peta indonesia - Garmin GPS Etrex Vista HCx - Garmin GPS 62s - Garmin GPS 78s - Garmin GPS Oregon 550 (touch screen) - Garmin GPS Montana 650 series (new) free Topografi indonesia - Garmin GPS Etrex Series 10, 20, 30 Navigasi - Garmin Nuvi 1460 (5") - Garmin Nuvi 2565 (5") - Garmin Nuvi 2575 (5" TV + Camera) - Garmin Nuvi 1350 - Garmin Nuvi 1250 Marine - Fishfinder 160c (untuk mancing) - GPS map 580/585 (Gps + sounder) Radio komunikasi HT / RIG SSB - Icom IC-V8 - Icom IV-V80 - Icom IC-V85 - RIG IC-2200 - Walky Talky - HT Motorola Kami menjual berbagai accessories TELEPON SATELITE R190 & GPS Seperti : - Battery Original Byru R190 - Battery Thuraya Rechargeable for SO2510 / SG2520 - Battery Inmarsat Isatphone pro - Charger R190 - Charger Mobil R190 (cigareth Lighter) - Antenna eksterna R190 (fullset) - Antenna telepon Pasti FR-190 - Antenna telepon Byru Marine FR-190 - Antenna GPS universal for (Garmin, Mio, Magellan) - Antenna eksternal GPS Garmin - Antenna Docking Inmarsat IsatDock Marine - Antenna Docking Inmarsat ISD-190 (fullset) - Antenna Docking Thuraya FDU-3500 (fullset) - Kartu perdana BYRU R190 - Kartu perdana Thuraya V10 units - Kartu perdana Inmarsat V100 units - Voucher fisik / elektrik Byru, pasti, byru marine - Voucher fisik / Elektrik Thuraya - Voucher elektrik Inmarsat - Cigareth lighter (charger mobil) for R190 - Instal peta GPS Garmin - Instal peta Laut (Bluechart) Garmin - Update Peta Garmin - DLL SEGERA HUBUNGI KAMI UNTUK DAPATKAN PENAWARAN DENGAN HARGA TERBAIK. 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