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Binocular Nighthunter Xtreme 8x56 True Nighthunters can see beyond the barriers of night. Zoom The Nighthunter series has been for a decade synonymous with the best hunting binoculars on offer for many hunters. And now this success story continues! STEINER sets with the new Nighthunter Xtreme series new standards in light transmission, as extraordinary quality and innovation are our clear promises to our users around the world. For the hunt has its own laws, does not forgive mistakes and places the highest demands on the binoculars equipment — exactly as we do. The night glass. In the further development of the Nighthunter series, we set ourselves the goal of finding out the secrets of the night hunter. We have uncompromisingly united fundamental characteristics such as the highest possible light transmission, perfect carrying comfort, excellent robustness and long-term reliability in these hunting binoculars. For only the perfect synergy of all these factors gives the hunter the ultimate advantage at the decisive moment. The result of this exacting development work is the new Nighthunter Xtreme 8x56. Highest light transmission These night binoculars, due to the completely novel Diamond-Night-Coating, give previously unattainable light transmission over the entire colour spectrum. You will see, even at night or in the twilight, completely clear and bright images that have before now not been possible. Thanks to the Sports-Auto-Focus, the image remains crystal clear from 20 m to infinity — without refocusing. A big advantage, especially at night. This lets the hunter target even faster and more precisely and therefore forms the basis of more success in hunting. Unequalled readings over the entire colour spectrum give incredibly sharp and detail-rich images — at twilight, in the night and in bad lighting conditions. Nighthunter Xtreme 8x56 Our outstanding product features: STEINER High-Definition XP-Optik with Diamond-Night-Coating STEINER has, in developing the completely new diamond night coating technology, developed optics specifically for hunting that set new standards. The utilisation and combination of rare fluorides and other minerals gives previously unattainable light transmission over the entire spectrum of light. Images are razor-sharp with maximum contrast — right to the edge. Contours are always clear-cut and plainly visible, with light scatter cut to a minimum. These factors guarantee best viewing results even in the worst light conditions. STEINER ErgoFlex eyecups This Innovative system offers the greatest possible observation comfort and dependable protection against incidental light from the side as well as from wind and draughts. The ErgoFlex eyecups are made from non-irritating and non-ageing silicon, which gives a naturally comfortable feeling when worn and which, moreover, by simply folding down can be used in three carrying variants: Ergonomic — for ideal conformity to the shape of the face. Cylindrical — as a classic setting variant. Setting especially for spectacle wearers. STEINER Sports-Auto-Focus The STEINER Sports-Auto-Focus makes handling particularly comfortable. If both eyes are of the same dioptre strength, simply set both of the adjusting rings on the eyecups to ”0“ and you will see clearly from 20 m to infinity. If not, adjust both oculars individually for razor sharp images. Once adjusted, everything will be sharp and clear from 20 m to infinity for varying distances. Simple use. Also with a single hand only. Extreme ruggedness The lightweight high-tech housing of the Nighthunter Xtreme gives unparalleled stability and shock resistance. The use of temperature-resistant and corrosion-free polycarbonate Makrolon®, as well as the floating prism mounting, plays a decisive role here. STEINER ComfortGrip Uniquely comfortable handling guaranteed by the ComfortGrip System from STEINER. This new, ergonomically optimised surface technology based on NBR combines grip, comfort and longevity in an ideal manner. The extremely soft Technogel® thumb depressions give a sure, incomparable and comfortable grip, preventing premature fatigue and thus permit a considerably longer observing time. In the Nighthunter Xtreme models, the gripping zones are also fitted with contact ribs, further improving the feel and giving a surer and more relaxed grip. STEINER Nitrogen pressure filling Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech solution. Even temperature variations between -40 and +80°C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-filled binoculars. The unique 2-way-valve technology makes inspection, service and maintenance possible even after a number of years. Your binoculars are always ready for action under the most extreme conditions or in the worst weather conditions. Optical quality and precision are maintained for decades. NBR-Longlife Rubber Armouring Rough weather, cold hands, strong wind are extreme forces for you and your equipment. With the NBR-Longlife rubber armouring you master every condition. This chemical formula is not only extremely robust, it also gives you a very good grip, in cold, heat, rain, sea water and the sun‘s rays. For a perfect grip, the rubber composite should be soft and non-slip, but on the other hand, the harder it is, the more durable it will be. The rubber armouring resists oil, acid, salt water or chemicals and makes your STEINER binoculars even more rugged. A rubber armouring that is at the same time soft, non-slip and prevents annoying noises. The new NBR-Longlife rubber armouring guarantees an even longer life for your binoculars. STEINER ClicLoc Belt Attachment STEINER’s clever ClicLoc Strap System makes sure your binoculars are always firmly secured — yet can be easily detached and re-attached with a single action in no time. Standard Accessories The ocular rain protection cover supplied is completely waterproof and prevents contamination by rain or dust. Depending on the model, these are supplied in neoprene or plastic. Objective protection caps and a high quality carrying bag come with the binoculars. Optional Accessory STEINER Comfort Carrying System (optional accessory): Relieves neck and back muscles when carried for a longer period. Due to the ergonomic shape it is especially comfortable and the binoculars remain safely attached to the belt thanks to the ClicLoc Strap System. For a comfortable carrying feeling during extended observations. For special usage situations, you may want to exchange the ergonomic eyecups. This can be done with just one movement thanks to the patented ClicLoc system. Please chose cylindrical eyecups for everyday use, or special eyecups for wearers of spectacles, maximising their field of view. 30 year warranty

Kata kunci: BINOCULAR, binocular burris, binocular steiner,

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