Pundi Pundi Uang

Pundi Pundi Uang dari andis Gallery (Paintings and Sculptures)

Oleh: andis Gallery (Paintings and Sculptures)  15/05/2011
Kata kunci: lukisan, Patung, 3 Dimention

Andi's Gallery Profile

In 1992 Andi's Gallery was established with location at Jl. Tanah Abang IV/14, Central Jakarta. Since then, Andi's Gallery has in one year held 5 to 6 paintings exhibitions, solo as well as group. Paintings are not the sole focus of the Andy's Gallery attention, as it also had organized the exhibition installations, "3 Indonesian Contemporary Artists" (1995) presentingHeyi Ma'mun, Herry Dim, and the late Mamannoor, "The Art of Tapestry" (1995) presenting Alexandra Ira, Biranul Anas, John Martono, Kuswa Budiono, Lengganu, Yusuf Affendi, Ratna Panggabean, Zaini Rais, the first tapestry exhibition ever held in a gallery in Indonesia, "In Between" (2003), featuring sculptures, installations and artifacts. Solo paintings exhibitions staged in the past include: Tresna Suryawan (1993), Jeihan Sukmantoro (1993), Umi Dachlan (2000), and Chusin Setiadikara (2002). Specifically at the solo exhibition of Umi Dachlan in 2000, Andi's Gallerypublisheda book, Imagi dan Abstraksi(Images and Abstractions), which analyzes the life and works of the painter, Umi Dachlan, written by the late Mamanoor.

Kata kunci: 3 Dimention, art fair, Grand Indonesia shopping mall, jakarta art district, lukisan, Patung, video art,

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