Oleh: PT AMIDAZ INOVATIF  24/09/2012
Kata kunci: Elektronik, Karaoke, Jasa hiburan

K-Mic Feature : - No VCD,DVD, or Player Required - Very user Friendly ; Simple, Plug and Play Operation - High Quality Mic & All In One Karaoke System - Karaoke Machine Player - FULL OSD Menu in English, Indonesian - VOCAL Fade, ECHO , MIC VOLUME, MUSIC VOLUME, Control on Microphone - Color : Ferrari, Gold, PLATINUM - Bright Light in Keypad Tone - Free Download Software please visit amidaz.com - Easy karaoke Download Music with SD Card only just visit amidaz.com - Free SD card 8GB WITH MORE THAN 150 SONGS - SD card Capacity Up to 32 GB ( OPTINAL ) CAN FIT CLOSE TO 1000 FAV SONGS - 12 Volt AC Adaptor , Save from Children - Full Indonesian Design and manufacture in China with High Standard Quality - Weight; 0,5 Kg - Full 1 Year warranty - Exclusive Packaging Box - Retail Price Only Rp. 1,4 jt - 1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY – PARTS & LABOR

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