AMERIS HR Consultant, Team Building, Executive Coaching, HR Strategy & Change Management Facilitator

Oleh: Ameris Consultant & Development  21/09/2010
Kata kunci: management, Konsultan, Consultant

Ameris Consultant & Development prime role is to assist the client to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organization. Our strategy, management, human resource, & training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency & communication

Our Backgrounds
All of us came from working experiences and educational which have hi-relevancy with Human Resources matter. Our expertise in many tools to identify person and in full spectrum of Human Resources in various industries from local & multinational company; manufacture; FMCG, financial institution like banking, insurances, leasing company; property management; IT, etc.
Our experiences in HR are an advantages to pick the right tools and technology, and deliver elegant solutions to our partner to get the job done. We therefore bring a highly practical approach to projects and we implement solutions that really work and deliver results in the workplace.

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