Services, Maintenance & Modernisation

Oleh: PT Konecranes  07/05/2009
Kata kunci: Derek-derek, Katrol

Proactive maintenance and care has become the stamp of Konecranes’ business, as we keep your crane working to the highest standard. Because end of the day, the only thing you want to hear is that everything is running smoothly.  
We offer a full range of services levels designed to match you maintenance and performance needs:- 

- Expert Repair
- 24-Hour Emergency Service
- Customised/ Comprehensive Service Agreement
- Crane & Runway Installation & Alignment
- Performance & Safety Upgrades
- Complete Engineering Assistance
- Crane Modernisation
- Customised Crane Design
- Spare Parts & Components For All Makes of Crane

Kata kunci: Derek-derek, Katrol