Wimax Distributor in Indonesia : Wimax Backhaul

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Wimax Distributor in Indonesia : Wimax Backhaul

What is wimax backhaul ? The wimax backhaul is the high capacity wimax transmission line from the basestation to the another basestation, repeater or CPE. Ussually the wimax backhaul is Pure IP Microwave Radio with the capacity  more than 100Mbps. Please see :

Where to buy wimax backhaul ? gudangwireless.com is the best Distributor of Wimax Backhaul products in Indonesia. The products that are supplied by gudangwireless are in Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) catagories, such as Wifi , Wimax , Hotspot , Microwave Radio , Hotspot. There is only a few Supplier of Wireless products in Indonesia .

What is the difference of the other Distributors from gudangwireless in Indonesia ? first, gudangwireless is bigger meaning supply more complete products available, you can name it, indoor, outdoor, wifi, hotspot, wimax, microwave radio, RFID, satellite, antenna , splitter, amplifier, pole, tower, etc.  Second, gudangwireless can supply with low cost and competitive price. Third, gudangwireless supplies not only products, but also provides services like installation and maintanance.

Distributor of Wireless BWA Wimax in Indonesia : Wimax Backhaul

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