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Oleh: gudangwireless   04/12/2009
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Supplier of Wireless BWA Wimax in Indonesia is the best Supplier of Wireless products in Indonesia. The products that are supplied are in Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) catagories, such as Wifi , Wimax , Hotspot , Microwave Radio , Hotspot. There is only a few Supplier of Wireless products in Indonesia .

What is the difference of the other suppliers from gudangwireless in Indonesia ? first, gudangwireless is bigger meaning supply more complete products available, you can name it, indoor, outdoor, wifi, hotspot, wimax, microwave radio, RFID, satellite, antenna , splitter, amplifier, pole, tower, etc.  Second, gudangwireless can supply with low cost and competitive price. Third, gudangwireless supplies not only products, but also provides services like installation and maintanance.

Last but not least, please remember supplies you outdoor and indoor solution, point to point and multipoint solution, and short range and long range solution. is not just a site for you to find products, more over, it brings you to understand on what is your need, it opens you to show the wireless world ,and it guarantees you to have the best supplier with affordable price.

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