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Oleh: gudangwireless   28/12/2009
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Buy wireless MESHRADIO, wifi, wimax, microwave radio, FSO to is the best choice. Wireless in many catagories are available. All of them are cheap and very competitive in pricing. The outstanding product of year end is MESH. means be a’s customers.Mesh description 360degree coverage, bandwidth upto 300mbps, Latency 8-10ms Roundtrip per hop, Layer 3 Mesh Topology, VLAN support IEEE802.1q, Mobility, Time Division Duplex (TDD), routing capability, distance upto 25KM, Modulation OFDM, Encryption 128-bit AES.Best practise in wireless MESH network in Indonesia is 18KM LOS 20Mbps throughput located in jogjakarta. Buy wireless MESH RADIO from now, not only products you will get but knowledge as well, and saving your budget with lower price. See MESH RADIO Diagram ( ) , . Email : [email protected] , [email protected] . Twitter wireless indonesia : gudang_wireless

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