Broadband Wireless Indonesia 2010 Outlook – Executive Summary

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Broadband Wireless Indonesia 2010 Outlook – Executive Summary,Gudang Wireless Indonesia Analysis – broadband wireless technology sees the demands and opportunities. The tight competition will bring a better technology, find a way to optimum pricing trade-off and use an effective marketing strategy. In Indonesia’s arena, wifi, mesh, wimax and microwave radio are interesting to pay attention on. Besides technologies, the business aspects would be the bigger concern to vendors and users.Wifi and Microwave Radio are the older technologies among others but keep pacing up. Wifi Outdoor standard IEEE802.11n will be good as a shorter backhaul , on the other hand SDH IP Microwave Radio is the best for longer distance. In MESH wireless system, a would be on mobility. Basically Mesh technology currently follows on wifi and will remain the same. Wimax will be the bright star of broadband wireless in indonesia in 2010. Starting by 2.3GHz license for wimax awarded to some Indonesian companies, backing up by a regulation of using local Indonesian wimax products, the opportunity for all parties is coming around. Gudang Wireless Indonesia observes some potential  issues on wimax might be appear, such as wimax standard and interoperability , deregulation, competition.Broadband Wireless is a good solution for Indonesian telecommunication infrastructure. The implementation from planning to execution depends on the strong leadership, vision and resources.  The regulator plays an important role to guarantee the telecommunication infrastructures are on the right track. In 2010, to make it on the right track, Gudang Wireless Indonesia believes some related issues may appear, but the power to resolve it exist. in Indonesia
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