FLINTEC Flintweigh PC-based Weighing System

FLINTEC Flintweigh PC-based Weighing System dari KARYATAMA CIPTA RAHARJA

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Product Description


The W&M approved FlintWeigh Scale Interface is a key component to integrate a Weighing System into your PC system.

Scales with RC3D Digital Load Cells and FlintWeigh PC Weighing System do not require any separate weight display.

The load cells are connected via the intelligent RS485/USB- Converter directly into the PC system.

The Flintweigh-Software for the PC system is an OCX-Module with an Active-X-Control Interface. The approved Weight Display on the PC Monitor shows the actual weight and the approved Alibi Memory is stored on the hard disk.

A remote display and traffic light/barriers can be connected to the system.

Two scales can be connected with functions:

Scale 1 / Scale 2 / Scale 1+2.

Set-up, calibration and after sales service are very easy with all required information on the PC monitor.

The Flintec supply incorporates: the FlintWeigh Scale Interface (Converter RS485/USB), approved FlintWeigh PC software and FlintWeigh Basic Weighbridge application software.



Key Features


- EU Type approved for 4000 intervals

- Approved weight display on PC monitor

- Approved alibi memory on PC hard disk

- Two scales can be connected

- Parallel I/O for traffic lights and barrier

- Interface for remote display

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