Suunto Altimeter Escape E 203

Suunto Altimeter Escape E 203 dari Maju Mapan Mandiri

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  15/09/2010
Kata kunci: Total Station, Alat Geologi, Alat Pertambangan

The altimeter of the Escape 203 shows you your current altitude, vertical gain or loss from the start of ahike or climb, as well as your vertical ascent and descent rate in ft/h (m/h). Up to 20 altitude points can be stored into the memory for later reviewing.  In addition, the Escape 203 has a time mode with normal watch functions such as current time with 12/24 hour format, weekday and date.

Size: 2.4" x 3.5" x 0.8" (60 x 90 x 20 mm), Includes lanyard and belt loop.

Altitude range: -1,600 to +29,500 ft (-500 to +9,000 m)- Altitude resolution: adjustable by user to 3 ft/10ft (1 m/5 m)

Kata kunci: Alat Alat Survey, Alat Geologi, Alat Pertambangan, Surveying Equipments, Total Station