Seba Mini Current Meter M1

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  15/09/2010
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The SEBA-Mini Current Meter M1 serves for determination of the current velocities in laboratories, river models, brooks, small rivers with low water level and for tubes with small diameters. Special advance: universal application; low starting speed; frictionless contact transmission; non-corrosive materials; unit composed system. Meterbody: The streamlined meterbody is made of high-quality non-corrosive steel.

The shaft moves in 2 extremely smooth running precision ballbearings. The oil filling and a capillary seal protects it against water entry. The propellers with high pitch accuracy are manufactured from seawater-resistent and anodized aluminium. They only will be put on and can be exchanged quickly.

Contact transmission One signal is generated from each revolution of the propeller. The reedswitch for transmission of the propeller revolutions is composed within a small metal tube to a miniature construction unit. The counting frequency for the mechanical counter Z1 is limited to 10 impulses per second. By application of the electronical counter Z4 all flow velocities can be measured. A complete current meter equipment comprises 6 propellers with 50 mm Ø resp. 30 mm Ø with diverse pitches .

Depending on the requirement, the equipment can also be delivered with single propellers. Guiding device Generally a measurement will be effected on rod 9 mm Ø. This rod is manufactured from non-corrosive steel, in 3 parts and has a total length of 1,5 m. A base plate for the rod is attached. On request a cm-division and a dmgraduation of the rod is possible. For measurements on rod 20 mm Ø resp. with relocating device, a special clamp is available.


Meterbody, made of high-quality non-corrosive steel exchangeable reed-contact, incl. 1 propeller 30 mm Æ pitch; 50 mm of seawater resistant aluminium alloy, velocity range: 0.03 m/s ... 1.0 m/s; Instrument-case with tools, spare part as 2 special ball bearings and special oil; Standard calibration for on rod 9mm Æ, per propeller; Velocity-table standard, per propeller; Rod 9 mm Æ, 1.5 meters long, 3 sections, decimeter graduation, with detachable base. Cable, 2-cores, 4 meters long, with plugs, thimble and shackle; Signal Counter Z-6 included.

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