Protimeter MMS Moisture Measurments

Protimeter MMS Moisture Measurments dari Maju Mapan Mandiri

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  17/09/2010
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The moisture you cannot see matters most when cleaning and restoring a property after water damage from storms, floods or fires. From hidden mold to unseen structural damage, undetected moisture damages health and property and its oversight can create liability. That's why the right moisture meter makes the difference. The GE Protimeter MMS has become the standard for the professional inspector. Those that know the oversight of hidden problems leads to dissatisfied customers, missed opportunities in restoration, and liability issues, today rely on the advanced features found in the MMS.

Features :
  • Automatic grains-per-lb calculations for specific humidity
  • Data logging with PC interface
  • Interchangeable Hygrostick probe
  • Optional low range RH probe from 1% to 40%RH
  • Included as Standard:
    • Instruments with grains/lb automatic calculation
    • Data download software with cable
    • Hygrostick
    • Surface temperature sensor
    • 5 in (127 mm) deep wall probes
    • Pin moisture probe
    • Hygrostick extension lead
    • Wood calibration chart
    • Calibration check device
    • Spare pins
    • Instructions
    • Nnylon pouch

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