Carton Solaris Microscope Hybrid CM 300

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  15/09/2010
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Ideal for use in the classroom and in the field, these microscopes have three types of power sources – AC, DC and a self-contained power generation. One minute of cranking the built in generator gives you up to 1 hour of Green Friendly LED power. Other features include die cast aluminum construction, separate coarse & fine focus controls, and a slip clutch system to protect gears. Available in two configurations. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

CM303H Hybrid Power Microscope Head
Monocular. Eyepiece: W10XD 18mm. Objectives: 4XD, 10XD, 40XRD (sealed). Condenser: Built-in 0.65 N.A. with Disk Diaphragm. Illuminator: Rechargeable LED w/Dimmer Switch.

CM304H Hybrid Power Microscope Head
Monocular Eyepiece: W10XD18mm. Objectives: 4XD, 10XD, 40XRD (sealed), 100XRD Oil. Condenser: Built-in spiral Abbe 1.25 NA (sealed) with mechanical stage. Illuminator: Rechargeable LED with Dimmer Switch.

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