Jasa Layanan Tax & Accounting Services

Oleh: Jakarta Strategic Consulting  21/08/2013
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Accounting & Tax Services 1. Tax Review: We can conduct a Tax Diagnostic to identify and evaluate risk and provide reports and recommendations on company’s compliance with the prevailing tax laws and regulations, the company’s potential exposure to tax assessments and penalties and improving the company’s tax administration system. It tax Diagnostic base on : a. Operational Tax Reviews: Reviewing of company’s operational for tax purpose. b. Agreement Tax Review: Reviewing agreement between client’s and third party for tax purpose. c. Case Tax Reviews: Reviewing and studying the client’s case with supporting documents, records and reconciliations to evaluate and measure the probability of next step action of audit, objection and appeal in tax court. 2. Tax Coaching : Tax training and consultation about company’s problem from tax matters on : a. Provide advice on the tax implications on the contemplated structure or agreement. b. Formulate a strategy to minimize the company’s tax cost. c. Assist in obtaining specific rulings from the Indonesian tax authorities. d. Process tax exemption and reduction requests for Article 22 withholding tax on imports, Article 25 monthly installments and Article 23 withholding tax and exemption from VAT on capital goods. 3. Tax Litigation : a. Review the relevant supporting documents and/or reconciliations. b. Formulate a strategy for dealing with the tax authorities and prepare the letter needed. c. Represent the company and monitor the tax audit process, during the tax objection process and the court hearing sessions. 4. Non Dispute Liaison: such as merger at book value decree, fixed assets revaluation decree, exemption/reduction of monthly corporate/individual tax installments, special purpose tax clearance, ruling for a particular tax treatment/issue. Assisting clients in the management. 5. Tax Advisories: such as tax accruals/computation, review of tax impact on corporate actions and major transactions and tax planning. 6. Tax Outsourcing Services: Preparation and submitting of monthly and annual tax return. 7. Customs and excises services; We have many experts to handle customs services such as customs audit, objection, appeal in Tax Court, and the other customs services. 8. Accounting/bookkeeping services. 9. Provision of tax related software. 10. Payroll services and other adhoc services at the request of the clients. Legal Services We provide legal advisories and litigation to support your business activities. With practice areas are private, business and public law.

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