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 Remarkable voice quality. Wireless freedom.
 * Resists interference from mobile phones
 * Clarity by Polycom acoustic technology
 * Roam up to 150 feet from base station
 * Added security of voice encryption
 * Easy to use and install
 * Cell phone dialing
 * Software upgradeable
 Polycom SoundStation2W Features
 Acoustic Clarity Technology
 Leading wireless capabilities
 Added security
 Easy to use and install
 Cell phone dialing
 Local phonebook
 Investment protection
 Polycom SoundStation2W Highlights
 * Leading Polycom voice quality - The SoundStation2W is based on 11 years of market-leading Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology, which offers crisp voice quality and natural two-communication ( full duplex) delivered through high-performance speakers and finely tuned microphones that offer 360-degree room coverage. With twice the loudness and twice the microphone sensitivity of the original SoundStation, the SoundStation2W delivers a more productive voice conferencing experience.
 * Wireless flexibility and mobility - The system uses 2.4GHz WDCT ( World Digital Communications Technology) providing up to 150-foot wireless range between the phone and a compact base station which plugs into any analog phone jack. The phone' s quick-charging lithium-ion battery offers 12 or 24 hours ( with upgrade) of talk time and 80 or 160 hours of standby time and can be recharged while in use in any room with a portable console charger. With 24 hours talk time, most customers will only need to charge the phone once a week. Expandable microphones are available for larger meeting environments.
 * Unmatched Security. - The Polycom VoiceStation 2W phone features digital spread spectrum and additional 64 bit voice encryption for secure wireless operation. Additionally, the system provides an authentication key between the console and base station to ensure a unique pairing and to further reduce potential line interference issues. The SoundStation2W also introduces console activated Aux out functions, so that options such as recording are controlled from the phone rather than from the base station. This added control ensures that users are not subject to eavesdropping when using the phone in a place where the base station is out of sight.
 * Mobile phone compatibility- Users can start and manage calls on a cell phone and take advantage of the benefits of Polycom conference phone hands-free communication. Cell phones connect to the SoundStation2W through the headset jack by plugging the provided cable with standard 2.5mm interface into the conference phone. This capability is ideal for ad hoc meetings where conversations frequently evolve from two individuals speaking to multiple participants at each location. Further, in facilities with no phone lines, users can now setup an instant conferencing environment using the cell phone network, the conference phone acoustics and by connecting the base station to a power source.
 * Feature-rich LCD display and intuitive interface - The SoundStation2 W display provides battery and wireless signal status icons, caller ID and the capability to program a unique speed dial for a conference service number, among other familiar conference phone capabilities.
 * Investment protection through software upgrades - A built-in USB port enables the phone to be upgraded with new features and functionality via a software download.
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