Dow Corning DC 340 HEAT SINK

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Dow Corning DC 340 HEAT SINK


Dow Corning 340

Description : Compound provides thermal coupling of electrical/electronic devices to heat sinks,085883358833,,virlie,
Applications : Compound is applied to the base and mounting studs of transistors, diodes and silicon-controlled rectifiers. It can also serve as an effective thermal coupler for many heat sink devices where efficient cooling is required. It is also suitable for aircraft engines where heat sink properties are required,085883358833,,virlie,
Features : High thermal conductivity; Low bleed; Stable at high temperatures.
Composition : Grease-like silicone fluid thickened with metal oxide filler.
Temperature Range :Resists changes in consistency at temperatures up to+177°C,085883358833,viseal,virlie,,


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