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Oleh: OZIMI CONSULTANT - Indonesian Tax Consultant - Konsultan Pajak Terdaftar, Jakarta - Indonesia  20/04/2012
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   Transfer Pricing (TP)  – Annual Corporate Tax Return – Anticipation of  Tax  Audit TP Issue
          Ozimi Consultant - Indonesian Tax Consultant – Registered Tax Consultant
Ozimi Consultant, a tax consultant firm in Jakarta – Indonesia with more than 10 years experience is to be at your service professionally.
Regarding Transfer Pricing, Article 18 paragraph (3) Income Tax Laws authorizes the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) to make an adjustment on transactions among parties having special relationship whether already fulfill “arm’s length principle”. Kep. Dirjen Pajak No.Kep-01/PJ.7/1993 is a guidance of tax audit to taxpayers having special relationship. Further, Surat Edaran Dirjen Pajak No. SE-04/PJ/7/1993 is a guidance to handle Transfer Pricing issues. 
As from Tax Year  2009, in the annual corporate tax return is special attachments therein disclosing transactions among parties having special relaltionship. The disclosures are stated more clearly in year 2010 and 2011.
Have your company been provided with Transfer Pricing Documentation? Please contact the tax consultant “Ozimi Consultant” Jakarta – Serpong – Indonesia, Ozimi Consultant is ready to do Transfer Pricing Documentation for you. Our experienced Partner in Transfer Pricing will assist you professionally.
With TP Documentation and accountable accounting, your company can anticipate any tax audit conducted by DGT. Don’t delay any more, contact Konsultan Pajak “Ozimi Consultant” in Jakarta – Serpong/Tangerang – Indonesia right now.

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