Daihan WiseTherm : Digital Muffle Furnaces F-14

Daihan WiseTherm : Digital Muffle Furnaces F-14 dari eDoniLab™ Scientific

Oleh: eDoniLab™ Scientific  04/06/2012
Kata kunci: kebutuhan industri, Laboratory Equipment, Furnace

Designed for Ash-determinations, Enameling, Fusions, Ignitions, and Performing precipitate drying. Digital PID Controller. Simplest Control by Jog-Shuttle Switch and LCD display. Ceramic Fiber with Heating Wire, 4-Side Heating. Short Heating-Up Periods. Digital Timer Function : 99 hr 59 min. Over Temperature & Over Current Protection, Sensor Error Detection. Low Weight and High Grade Insulation More Info : http://www.edonilab.com/search/label/furnace

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